Nude Food Prep was founded by three Brighton girls-that-lift.

Gemma, Esme & Hannah met through an online training program & it seemed only natural for them to share their food obsession & create a concept to help busy fitness fans & clean food enthusiasts to get the best out of their meals.

The girls are proud to  offer Brighton their range of healthy meals created using only locally sourced ingredients. 

You don’t need to know exactly how the name 'Nude Food Prep' was born but lets just say it was an eye opener!

Esme Wadsworth


With glute gains to envy, Esme is a blonde, bronzed work-out queen, who's never shy of attention.

Esme is a hardcore foodie with a fit-bod edge who’s not shy of showing us all just how it should be done.



Pull ups in the gym, sprints on the track, abs in the kitchen – Gemma sure knows where it’s at.

In her spare time (ha!) Gemma is a wifey, a mummy & a whirlwind of clean eats in our kitchens.



Self confessed workaholic, Hannah project manages her time between the train platform and the weights platform.

With ‘before & after’ photos to make your eyes pop, Hannah has this gym life milarke nailed.

Now you've met us, find out about our meals...